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My life’s journey making art along with deep roots in family connection has led me here, to document history in the making. My trained and experienced eye has the pleasure of witnessing and actualizing nostalgia. In my work, I strive to honor life in its spectrum of human emotion.

Since starting my career in graphic design & photography, I have worked creating cookbooks and branding businesses, small and large. My design career led me to food photography and then, looking to expand my creative scope, I started to pursue photographing events. After I assisted in shooting my first wedding over 5 years ago, my heart became full with being present for these familial, intimate moments.

photography approach

My approach to shooting is not to direct your wedding day, but document it. A wedding is one of the most important events in our lives. We want to remember and preserve this history with purposeful and meaningful intention; this photography is a visual inheritance. With an unobtrusive, inconspicuous, humble presence I love to see your wedding day unfold. I want my couples to claim the day as their own.

There is no one mold for all weddings and there shouldn't be. Your wedding photography should feel like you & your partner. What does that look like? Let’s find out together.


With years of experience as a photographer, designer and art director, I offer clients additional services outside photography. For those who are seeking out a cohesive aesthetic for other design needs, in addition to photography, let me be your guide. Let’s create a unique and unified aesthetic for those design elements you may need help with,  such as invites, wedding websites, and some event design assets. The sky's the limit! See some design samples here

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